12 December, 2012 / General

The summer of 2012…

oh-i-miss-the-summer1Here we all are – my husband Jimmy, our twin boys Sam and Dex and daughter Erin – at our favourite holiday cottage in southern Brittany. We’ve been going there on and off for the past ten years. It’s a beautiful blue-shuttered French farmhouse owned by a lovely elderly man called Louis (we always pick him up a bottle of Scotch on the ferry over). There’s so much that I love about our trips there…
* Chez Jacky, a waterside restaurant at Port du Belon, for the best seafood ever
* Barbecuing in the garden
* Lying in the orchard with a juicy book
* Exploring the narrow backstreets of Quimper
* Taking the ferry to Belle Isle
* Being laptop-free for a whole fortnight – BLISS.
* No internet either!



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