12 December, 2012 / General

A room/cupboard of my own…

an-unlovely-writing-room1-224x300Check out this room – what a state it is. A tangle of wires, Post-It notes stuck everywhere… when my twin boys demanded bedrooms of their own, I gave up my ‘proper’ workroom and was shunted off to the box room instead. But actually… it’s fine. All that matters is having somewhere to go and shut out the outside world. In fact, I can be just as happy working at the kitchen table, and I love writing on trains and in cafes – a bit of background buzz helps the ideas flow (although I know some writers demand absolute silence).

If I’m under the cosh deadline-wise, I start work at six am. For me it works better than slogging away late at night, feeling desolate. Then I see my kids off to school, walk my dog and come back to get started in earnest. I’ll work until four when everyone comes home from school, by which time my brain is usually well and truly boggled.



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