The Woman Who Upped And Left

The Woman Who Upped And Left


Forget about having it all. Sometimes you just want to leave it all behind.

Audrey is often seized by the urge to walk out of her house without looking back – but she can’t possibly do that.

She is a single parent. She is needed. She has a job, a home, responsibilities… and a slothful teenage son’s pants to pick up.

But no one likes being taken for granted – Audrey least of all – so the time has come for drastic action. And no one’s going to stand in her way…


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As Good As It Gets

As Good As It Gets


“Midlife crisis? WHAT midlife crisis?!”

Charlotte Bristow is worried about her husband Will. With her 16-year-old daughter Rosie newly signed to a top modelling agency, and Will recently out of a job, things are changing in their household.

As Will dusts down his old leather trousers and starts partying with their new, fun neighbours, Charlotte begins to wonder what on earth is going on.

So when Fraser, Charlotte’s ex – and father of Rosie – suddenly arrives back on the scene, she starts to imagine what might have been…


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Take Mum Out

Take Mum Out


Three blind dates. Two teenage boys messing up her plans. And one man who'll melt Alice's heart...

'You need to get back in the saddle…' Alice despises that phrase. She's fine being single – with two slothful teenage boys and a meringue business to run, she has enough on her plate without negotiating the troublesome world of modern dating.

However, Alice's three best friends have other ideas. Each one will present her with an utterly delicious, eligible man – all Alice has to do is pick her favourite.


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Pedigree Mum

Pedigree Mum


A straying husband. A broken heart. And a crazy rescue dog in a town of posh pooches…

When Kerry Tambini upped sticks with her family to a new home on the coast, she couldn’t have been happier. Then husband Rob made the biggest mistake of his life…

Stranded with her children in snooty Shorling, Kerry has plenty on her plate. So how can she say no to the kids' pleas for a dog when they're missing their father dreadfully? Will adopting a wayward hound lead Kerry to a new love – or has she bitten off more than she can chew?

As she steps back into the dating world Kerry must juggle her family, her neurotic dog and try to fit in with the local pedigree mums, making her a true heroine for our time.


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The Great Escape

The Great Escape


Hannah is marrying Ryan, but is struggling to win over his children who clearly despise her. Who better to help her decide what to do than her old university friends Sadie and Lou? For one weekend only, they plan to reclaim the fun and freedom of their student years – with no idea how life-changing it will be…


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Mum On The Run

Mum On The Run


The dreaded mums’ race at school is every mother’s worst nightmare. Racing against the super-fit mums is bad enough – but what Laura hadn’t bargained for was spotting her husband smirking on the sidelines with his delectable colleague Celese. Desperate measures are called for, so Laura launches into a fitness regime – but gets more than she bargained for as she tries to reclaim her pre-motherhood, wobble-free tum…


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Mummy Said The F-Word

Mummy Said the F-Word

fwordWhen Cait, a chaotic single mother, becomes the agony aunt for a glossy parenting magazine, she thinks she might be the single worst person to do the job.

But despite her early unwillingness, she gradually realises that the women writing might really need her help. Perhaps mothers need to realise that they're not actually expected to be perfect, after all?

Then Cait gets an email from a mysterious reader - a single dad who simply signs his name R...


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– The Great Escape

‘Pure comedy… I’ll be looking out for Gibson’s titles in future’

BookWorm Ink

‘A great escapist read […] balance[s] real life and heartfelt issues with comedy’

Chick Lit Central

‘Very funny and insightful book on the joys of motherhood’

Hot Brands Cool Places

‘Warmhearted and immensely readable’

The Bookbag

– Mum On The Run

‘Funny, warm and poignant’
The Daily Mail

‘Frivolous fun’

‘Brilliant – manages to capture family life perfectly’

– Mummy Said The F-Word

‘Wickedly entertaining… hilariously accurate portrayal of the chaos of motherhood’
Daily Record

‘Downright hilarious… Caitlin is a down-to-earth, sarcastic heroine with a lovely heart and a great, feel-good tale.’

‘Gibson is on top form… laugh-out-loud funny, warm and compelling’

News of the World

‘Sharply observed, funny and captures the wamth and clutter of family life.’

Daily Mail