06 December, 2012 / News


I am – it’s the subject of my column in the new (January) issue of Sainsbury’s magazine. List-making can be hugely helpful but also rather binding – especially when you never manage to cross everything off. Giving up obsessive list making is my resolution for 2013…

06 December, 2012 / News


I’ve just started writing my next book – allI can say at the moment is that it has a sugary theme and there’s lots about the joys and frustrations of living with teenagers. Early days yet, though – I don’t even know how it ends yet. But then, I never do, until I get there!

06 December, 2012 / News


I’m so happy to report that my next book, Pedigree Mum, is finished – it took me running away from home, and hiding in a hotel for three days, to finally crack it. But it’s all done now, with a fab, jaunty cover – will post a preview soon. It has a canine theme and is coming your way on Feb 28.

07 November, 2012 / News


Hi there,

Spring at last! I love living in Scotland but the winters tend to drudge on a bit. Now the sun’s shining, there’s no excuse not to haul myself out for a run or cycle… activities which actually go very well with writing, being an antidote to sitting hunched over the screen, turning a pale, sun-starved, mushroomy colour. I’ve finally realised, at the grand old age of, um… mumble-mumble… that the writing day flows so much better if I’ve been out in the ‘real’ world first thing.

I’m chuffed to tell you that my new novel, Mummy Said the F-word, has been selling well – it’s reached the top ten Scottish hardback fiction and Independent newspaper charts. So gratifying to see my book on those lists, among biggie authors!  (See below.) Mummy Said has also been reviewed – positively, I’m glad to say – in Red, Marie Claire, In Style, OK, Sainsbury’s magazine and, gasp, the Financial Times (my first review in a posh paper). We had two book launches – one in Waterstone’s in Glasgow, and the other in a local hotel, organised by our lovely neighbourhood indie bookshop, Atkinson Pryce (

I’m now in the thick of writing a new novel which I hope to have finished by summer (which sounds pleasingly vague, doesn’t it?). It’s similar in style to Mummy Said – featuring a crazy mother, unruly twins and a dilapidated castle. I want to make it a real page turner with lots of laughs. That’s the plan anyway!

In the meantime, huge thanks if you’ve bought Mummy Said the F-word and helped to nudge it into those charts…

Fiona x  

07 November, 2012 / News

NEWSLETTER September 2007


Well, I can’t believe that summer’s nearly over. Now there’s no excuse not to sit down at my PC and get cracking on a new book. The school hols form a nice natural break in writing, and I took most of the summer off to be with the kids. Our twin boys are now ten and, in a few years’ time, they’ll be badgering us to go to Ibiza with their mates and won’t want to hang out with us any more. So I want to make the most of it.

Like the rest of the UK, rain gushed on Scotland so I was relieved that we’d booked our favourite cottage in Brittany for a couple of weeks. It’s near Quimper and is gorgeous – in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by cornfields and sea. I took my laptop, intending to beaver away in the evening, but only switched it on for half an hour in the whole holiday. My brain had shut down completely.

We also had a week up north in Dornoch on the East coast, which was lovely – including a rather choppy ferry trip to wild, breathtaking Orkney. Now we’re back home, and the kids are back at school, and it’s all whizzed by far too quickly.

My next novel comes out in the UK in February, so I’ll give details nearer the time. In the meantime, I’m trying to crack on, and seem to have reached that ‘difficult’ middle-of-the-book stage when I’m not sure how it’s all going to turn out. But I’ll get there in the end… won’t I?!

Bye for now,
Fiona x